Central Floridians Original Home for Piano Tuning and Maintenance. Take the Stairs.

This is something to love about Sweden and Pianos.  Therefore, take a look at this and try not to smile!

Besides that, It sure beats the escalator.


The social aspect of playing an instrument is one which is often overlooked, especially with older adults. You see, as nice as it is to play a song on your own, as human beings we desire social acceptance and the ability to connect better with those around us. Playing an instrument as such, helps us break the ice, make new friends, offers us a sense of accomplishment and helps us connect with virtually anyone.

Lost for words? Play your instrument.

Want to bring everyone together? Play them a song to sing along to.

Want to add a hobby?  Tell them you play piano.

At the end of the day, playing an instrument makes us more interesting as people. It adds dynamism to our character, and enriches our lives in so many ways. When a person mentions they regret not learning to play an instrument, what they fundamentally regret is the memories and experiences they missed out on by not pursuing it when they were younger.


Nice Job

The sound is wonderful to listen to – I had a lady friend here for a visit and she played a couple of church hymns. She laughed and said, “I must be getting better – the songs sounded great!” Then, I told her it had just been tuned by...


Thank you for taking my call earlier today. Here’s the piano in discussion. Again, I’d just like a ball park on what I can sell it for. I appreciate your help with this. Call me with any questions: Older instrument. Good manufacturer.  Wissner Piano Co.  Went out of business (or...

Piano Donations in Orlando

Hi Grant, Kimball Whitney was a popular piano. Not a great piano but certainly worth donating. The Mustard Seed would be my choice. You can call them at (407) 875-2040 to arrange pickup. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Regards, Steven Central Florida’s home for...

Angies List

Great! Thanks so much for letting us know, Steven! We really hope this works out for you. We'll be sure to keep you in mind for future jobs. Thanks! ~Rhea hives treatment Thumbtack Customer Advocate