Piano and Guitar Teachers

You’ll want a teacher who will inspire and nurture a student’s musical growth and instill a lifelong love of music.  It is important to choose a teacher that you children like just being around. Playing music is extremely gratifying. It can also be frustrating at times. I hope these pointers help you along the way.

When Seeking a Music Teacher

  • Consult with friends, family and others who who are acquainted with teachers in your community.
  • Ask for recommendations from your piano tuner and local music teacher organizations.
  • Arrange to interview prospective teachers before making a commitment.
  • Attend a recital of the prospective teacher’s students.
  • Find a flexible teacher who is willing to work with your personal and financial situation
  • Once you make your choice don’t be afraid to change teachers as your child’s needs change.

How do I Interview Prospective Teachers?

Teachers are usually eager to explain their techniques. The following questions may be worth asking during the interview:

  • What is your professional and educational experience in music?
  • What is your teaching experience? What age groups do you teach?
  • Do you regularly evaluate student progress?
  • What instructional materials do you use?
  • What kinds of music do you teach?
  • What other elements are part of your teaching curriculum?
  • Do you offer group lessons?
  • Do you require students to perform in studio recitals during the year?
  • Do you offer other performance opportunities for your students, such as festivals and competitions?
  • Do you use technology in your studio, such as computers, music instruction software, digital keyboards?
  • How much practice time do you require each day?
  • What do you expect of your students? Their parents?
  • Do you have a qualified piano tuner service your piano regularly?

What is the Parent’s Role?

Parental support in the learning process is vital. Whether or not you know anything about music, take time to listen to your child play, provide exclusive practice time on a quality instrument, and celebrate his or her continued accomplishments. Sit with your child while they practice. It helps.

Recommendations.  Website Links.

  1. Lake Nona Music Academy
  2. Avalon School of Music
  3. Beverly Stagg
  4. Alice-Margaret Byerts
  5. Glenna Rutan (Lake Nona) 843 377 9200
  6. Nina’s Piano & Voice Studio 321-444-3699
  7. Jennifer Butler (Altamonte Springs) Suzuki Method with 20 Years of Experience.
  8. Glenn Vandervoort