Hi Steve,
An adult student who is a doctor reminded me of a key health fact. Strong viruses are circulating currently with children from schools coming to piano lessons. What disinfectant would you recommend for applying to the piano keys after each lesson? Wipes, gel? I am asking because I don’t know if certain chemicals repeatedly on the keys could damage them long term. One parent recommended clorox wipes, other antibacterial wipes. In actuality, this is something that should be done after each and every lesson and should be made a standard practice. I want to make this a standard practice to have them in every piano room. Please advise as I’d like yo have this implemented asap. Thanks Steve.
Best Regards,
Paul Brandenburg
I would recommend the antibacterial wipes for cleaning the plastic keytops. Once or twice a week should be ok. You need to be careful cleaning the ebony’s as their finish can wear if they are wood and not plastic.
Use of the hand sanitizer for students anytime is a great way to keep the germs under control.